4 thoughts on “Famous

  1. I am just a music lover. Keith, I wanted you to know that the song Famous is so hot. I didn’t know you had this much talent in you ( who knew) I remember your part in the movie Dream Girls. I can’t wait to hear more from you in the near future. I am no longer just a fan over you movies, now I’m a fan of your music too.

  2. Man thanks so much for being in the DreamGirls Movie. Just here watching the Extended and Alternate Scenes and I’m seeing that they had you singing more, which I feel they took the best parts out. Especially the “Effie, Sing My Song” scene which reminds me of me and my exgirlfriend A WHOLE LOT lol. Your soul singing and ambition is definitely helping push me in my dreams of wanting to be a professional Dancer and Soul Singer. Thanks so much again! God knows I appreciate your music alot.

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